Locking Plates


Our company presents the best quality range of Locking Compression Plates. The Locking Plate-Screw System combines locking screw technology with the advanced design of plates to create constructs for use in comminuted fractures or where deficient bone stock or poor bone quality is encountered. By combining locking screw holes with compression slots, the plates can be used as both locking devices and fracture compression devices. This technical innovation, combined with the transition in plate thickness thinner in the metaphysis to thicker in diaphyseal areas - gives surgeons the ability to lock in the perfect fit. The locking compression plate was designed using the concept of "internal fixators," which provides a new solution for the fixation of osteoporotic fractures. The fixed angle between the screw and the plate increases the pull-out strength of the system, so the stability of the fixation no longer depends totally on the quality of the bone. The other benefits of this system include the fact that no accurate contouring is required, it protects the local blood supply, and it supports minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis. We offer a wide range of anatomically preshaped plates of Locking Compression Plates-Screws for a broad spectrum of indications.