Radial Head Arthroplasty

Radial Head Arthroplasty

The OSKAR Radial Head Implant is a one-piece, intramedullary-stemmed cuffed implant designed to help preserve the joint space and relationships of the radio-humeral and proximal radio-ulnar joints following radial head resection for rheumatoid, degenerative, or traumatic arthritis.

It has also been used as a primary replacement following radial head resection for fractures.

The OSKAR Radial Head Implant is available in five sizes to adequately meet various operative requirements. A sizer set, supplied nonsterile and not suitable for implantation, is available for proper size determination during surgery. The OSKAR Radial Head Implant is designed for use in implant arthroplasty associated with comminuted fractures, or rheumatoid, degenerative or post-traumatic disease of the radial head.It is designed for higher demand patients requiring superior wear characteristics

Restore proper joint function Helps prevent proximal migration of the radius due to radial head excision Complete instrumentation provided in a single sterilization tray Available in five sizes