The treatment of diseases of the spine, one of the most sensitive structures of the human skeleton, keeps presenting us with enormous challenges. But we would not be a successful manufacturer of spinal implants if we did not master these challenges with ever increasing consistency, innovative thinking, and technical competence.

We carry out both bio-mechanical and clinical studies, and every day, the latest scientific findings are being incorporated into our work. As a result, implants for the surgical treatment of injuries or diseases, as well as misalignment or degenerative changes of the spine, are continuously improved. Successful products with a personal touch that have been created in collaboration with international spine surgeons.

The implants and instruments for spine surgery by General Ortho are used in surgical treatment of injuries and illnesses as well as deformities or degenerative changes in the spinal column.

Our product range includes not only rod-and-screw systems for the cervical and thoracic-lumbar spine and cages for inter somatic fusion, but also dynamic systems for non-fusion stabilization of the spine.