Mini Fragment Set

Mini Fragment Set

The Mini Fragment Set contains the 1.5, 2.0 and 2.4mm implants and related instruments required for LC-DCP and DCP plating.

Features Enables fracture treatment using compression plating with conventional cortex screws.

DCP Hole

Incorporates an incline in the hole that converts screw compression into plate translation and compression of the bone fracture. Accepts conventional screws that may be placed in either load or neutral positions, depending on whether interfragment compression is desired. Allows 25 degree of longitudinal screw angulation and 7 degree of transverse screw angulation Caution: Do not mix General Orthopedic implants with implants from other companies. The overall performance may be compromised due to difference in design, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and workmanship. No competitor of General Orthopedic can make a genuine claim that their product is "the same as General Orthopedic". Combining implants from other companies with General Orthopedic implants could reduce product performance. Only the finest quality materials are used to manufacture General Orthopedic implants. The metals General Orthopedic uses have been scientifically proven to be of the best bio compatibility and quality available today.