Knee Arthroscopy


Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which a small fiberoptic telescope (arthroscope) is inserted into a joint. Fluid is then inserted into the joint to distend the joint and to allow for the visualization of the structures within that joint. Usually the surgery is viewed on a monitor so that the whole operating team is aware of the type of surgical procedure that is being performed.

New product innovation in arthroscopic surgery is the heart and soul of General Ortho, which has resulted in the development of wide range of products for arthroscopic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgical procedures. Our goal is to make technically demanding surgical procedures easier, safer and reproducible.

We offers a complete line of knee arthroscopy products working in conjunction with some of the industry's most innovative surgeons. We focus our research and development efforts on technique-specific devices for Cruciate and Meniscal Reconstruction and repair systems, Graft Harvesting, Tunnel Preparation, Implants as well as Meniscal associated accessories.

The implant range includes:

Onbutton CL; Cancellous screws; Spiked washers; Tibial post fixation screws; Spiked ligament staples; Cannulated cross pins; Tibial base plates; Interference screws; Osteotomy plates.